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Welcome to Beauty Body Home

I am so happy that you are here. When you come to the boutique you will find it is a reflection of me. It's my belief, whether it is for your Beauty, Body or Home, it should be simple and as close to nature as possible.

In these times, one thing has always been true… Before we can move forward, we must go back and understand where we came from. In a world where everything is instantaneous, we need to slow down. Growing things slowly, brings quality and beauty. Where speed brings toxicity, chemicals and other beauty robbing agents.

I want you to find inspiration here at Beauty Body Home and I want to bring my world to you. My focus throughout my career has always been about creating experiences. Experiences that change the way you feel, create memories and to exceed expectations.

At Beauty Body Home I wanted a beautiful atmosphere that while educating, inspiring and motivating you to move forward in your journey.

Today at the boutique you will read on my door… “Your environment should be filled with beautiful things that spark emotion”.

When I formulated my industry leading nutraceutical product thirty years ago that were sold worldwide, They were my inspiration. they empowered me, they also allowed me to help women with their struggles. Being able to inspire and motivate women was always the biggest part of me.

At Beauty Body Home you can engage in essential learning workshops that will provide you with... The tools you need as we are moving people from malls to markets. You will learn how nature restores, what powerful antioxidants will do for your health, wellness, and beauty. Why the leaves and flowers offer such significant health benefits as well as their aromatic in flavorful compounds. Why Wellness matters. Why a sense of well-being, staying fit, eating healthy and feeling great, calm and content in life, while lowering stress hormones is so important. How to strengthen your immunity, improve focus, boost vitamin C & D. I want you to Breathe, Move, Laugh and most importantly…. Raise self-esteem & self-worth.

Cleansing your body is paramount to a healthy life but we are aware that everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, using our products on your body and in your home limits the amount of chemicals entering your system. I pride myself in helping my clients with my holistic programs and natural approach to exceed their goals with beauty, health, and wellness.

My mission is simple... To bring the very best plant-based products to you. From cleaning the inside of your body to our beauty products for the outside, to our toxin-free home cleaning products.

We are connecting plant and people again... Soil – Climate – Roots – Stems – Flowers – Petals. Remember before we go forward, we must go back. To a time before chemicals, before marketing, let’s return to nature and all the good from it. Let’s plant that seed together, as this is something we can all do.

The boutique provides, “an experience” leaving you inspired and looking forward to feeling rejuvenated and hitting the refresh button. Making meaningful connections through encouraging and inspiring and creating lasting bonds with people …making life count.

Let’s take this journey together.

Gina Broccolo, Founder

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