A Brand with a Purpose

Over twenty-five years ago I started to formulate a product that would become the leading selling nutritional cleanse. I have a passion and a purpose, I had integrity. I chose the very best ingredients to give you the client, the best results for your hard-earned dollar. I knew these ingredients were the key to the success that you were seeking. It’s all about the ingredients and enough of that ingredient to actually give you the benefits of that ingredient. In order to receive our Drug Identification Numbers from Health Canada, an essential process in substantiating our products claims we had to provide scientific reports to prove our claims and even with these facts, this expense and the prestige we still were not allowed to sell in Pharmacy. Our DIN was proof of efficacy and ingredients. Yet, now when a study on an ingredient is released, big Pharma powers up their marketing departments and budget to launch product campaigns. They would lead you to believe that the benefits are there from the ingredient but in fact all that actually is there is trace amounts and a flashy label. That integrity and passion that I applied 20 years ago when I was formulating nutritional supplements, I have continued today with my total detox life products for your entire family from Beauty.Body.Home.com.

Beauty.Body.Home.com is a brand with a purpose, we want our customers to be connected to something special. We want to lift the human spirit not just build the celebrities another home with endorsements. By purchasing our products, you can help a person like Kim, a working Mom with three children, one of which is a special needs child. She has a passion, a passion to share her Grandmother’s recipes. Our products are handpicked as we take great pride in the quality of our products and their producers.

I have had the ability to try amazing products from around the world and when I wanted to add a plant-based skin care line to my existing business, I returned to my original credo, Passion, Purpose and Ingredients. What we do, is make superior products with natural ingredients that are safe and effective for you and your family. From our family to your family for us and the hard-working people who make these amazing products with passion. We are not a multi-national who owns a brand name and we don’t want to be. At Beauty.Body.Home.com we list every ingredient as it matters. On my blogs and my newsletters, I will always educate you on how much of that ingredient you need to do what it says it will do for you. We are not interested in buying another house for a celebrity or sending another C.E.O. on a first-class cruise. Our money goes to the hard-working people who care about your health and well-being. Their passion shows in everything they do, and the ingredients are the heart of our company.

eSkin Food is one of the most talked about subjects in skin care today and toxic free chemicals for your home is becoming a must for our health. We will educate you on everything you put on your skin/body is as important as what you put inside as what you put on the outside is absorbed on the inside.