The idea of a teddy bear bringing comfort and joy is not a new one but the way in which Hug Me Healthy approaches this concept is different. The story is not just about a toy that brings comfort to a child, adult or senior, but rather it is about the power of human connection and the ability of a simple act like a hug to lift the human spirit.
In a world where we are often disconnected from each other, the idea of a hug as a way to connect and heal is especially poignant. The emotional impact of the story is undeniable, and it has the power to bring comfort to all ages. Ultimately, Hug Me Healthy is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of connection and compassion.
The story reminds us that even in the most difficult of times, there is hope and healing to be found in the simple act of reaching out to others and sharing our love and support.
From the moment Hug Me Healthy embarked on its journey, it ignited a spark of transformation in a realm once untouched. Teaming up with Aeroscena & their impactful Ascents®-brand aromatherapy blends, we've infused newfound transparency & excellence into the landscape.
Through forging strong alliances with researchers & esteemed institutions, we've unlocked the gateway to pivotal clinical research. Research has illuminated the path to positive outcomes in grappling with challenges such as pain, nausea, anxiety, and sleeplessness. The ripple effect is profound & a testament to a shared commitment to inspire wellness.

Meet Huggable Hope

Acceptance of and demand for aromatherapy in clinical environments continues to grow at a remarkable pace. Hug Me Healthy and Aeroscena have committed to furthering this trend by developing strong, collaborative relationships with research partners, medical institutions, and health care providers to continue to pave the way for important clinical research.
Aeroscena was founded in 2010 by CEO Mark Kohoot while he was acting as an advisor to Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic. Both saw the opportunity to elevate aromatherapy to the level of medical standards via the use of rigorous quality standards in concert with clinical research & testing in major hospitals & healthcare institutions. This connection is also the reason for the company’s location in the clinic’s Innovation center.

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