Unlocking the Holy Grail of Plant & Health

Reprinted from Shades of Style Magazine Fall/Winter 2020

For over twenty-five years Gina Broccolo’s products were sold in the largest retailers in North America, you could find them in Shoppers Drug Mart, Costco, Walmart, Rexall, CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens amongst others. Individually formulating and developing all her products led Gina to be found on the cover of Women’s World Magazine, NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and the billboards of Times Square. Her premier formulation, Internal Flush, was an industry pioneer in Gut Health still leads the cleansing category with over twenty five years of sales. Today, Gina can be found in her signature boutique Beauty Body Home at the Inn on the Twenty, Hotel and Spa in picturesque Jordan.

“I began this journey in a fast-paced lifestyle with a great job, I was travelling, living a good life, but I went through a divorce and started to gain weight. My weight gain was the catalyst for this business realizing that women tend to gain weight due to emotional issues”.

While at a cleansing spa in Florida, Gina worked with a team of doctors who took her through a program of cleansing aids, exercise and better food choices. The results… The weight started to come off and stay off. The program was a success. Utilizing this knowledge, Gina continued with this healthy plant-based lifestyle supplementing her diet with individual herbs. Gina’s success began to spread, soon she was coaching others in wellness and helping them make healthy choices. This is when she founded Integrity Health Group and created Internal Flush. “It quickly became my drive and my dream; I put all my passion behind it. I faced and solved many challenges in both life and in business that are unique to women”.

Always an innovator and differentiator, Gina continued developing new products, Beat the Bloat, the System Line of Supplements, Wine Waist Flush, Cookie Slim, and more. Launching in multiple countries, selling in every market segment. IHG had made it to the National forefront and were being marketed and noticed by all. 

However, Gina hit a fork in the road. The stress of wearing too many hats and constantly performing a juggling act was draining, both emotionally and physically. Constantly stressed, and she had written far too many journal entries about feeling exhausted from trying to act stronger than she felt. Gina reached the breaking point. When she woke up without passion.

That was when Gina knew everything had to change. “My success grew from my initial hardship, finding my true purpose was and is to help women and encourage them, so I created Beauty Body Home; my first boutique in Niagara. In doing so I developed a new strategy and a core philosophy: your external world is a mirror reflection of your internal world; therefore, what is going on inside you shows up outside you and beauty begins from the inside out.” Gina explains.

After cleaning the inside of your body for over twenty-five years, Gina has started educating “what you put on your body gets in your body, this also goes for the products in our homes”.

For Gina it’s about the ingredients as the ingredients tell you the truth. With that knowledge, Gina searched for the best ingredient-based care products in the world. With her experience Beauty Body Home’s collection is unparalleled with internal and external care from the best producers from Europe, USA as well as locally. Lothantique from Provence, France is one brand that you’ll find predominantly throughout the boutique. For over 100 years they have been producing the finest natural soaps, lotions and scents from the same farm. Family owned and traditionally operated, they like Gina don’t compromise on quality or ingredients. When she couldn’t source a product, she developed it herself.

In 2020, we are facing health challenges like we have never seen before as such Gina recognized the need for Hand Sanitizers. Not finding a single product up to her ingredient standards she started formulating her own with individually personalized signature scents. So desired by her clientele Beauty Body Home’s sanitizing sprays and gels often have waiting lists for them.

Always the innovator she sought out Aeroscena and Ascents®. Founded in The Innovation Lab of The Cleveland Clinic, Beauty Body Home is the only Canadian Distributor of Ascents®, the first scientifically recognized platform of patented aroma-therapeutic Phyto-inhalants. As they only “Recommended by doctors, used by hospitals®" aromatherapy these products are designed to ease the pressures of today’s life with formulas for Anxiety & Depression, Focus, Insomnia, Diet and Energy. Locally you will find Ascents® aromatherapy being used by Halton Health Care.

For Gina and Beauty Body Home, it’s about bringing the best to everyone they touch. Upon visiting the boutique, her team will help identify your individual needs and assist in forming a lifestyle transformation. The results will amaze you.

Please drop into the boutique and experience what truly clean lifestyle can bring.