What are my Health Protocols?

Every day I am asked what my health protocol is or more simply put how do I stay healthy. So, I would like to share with you in the upcoming weeks how I stay healthy, where and with whom I follow, research and study.

For over twenty-five years I have studied and researched all things health and well being related. In doing so I constantly read the white pages released by the majors such as New England Journal of Medicine (the oldest and most prestigious medical publication), Cleveland and Mayo Clinics as well as the Merek Manuals. This current medical information keeps me updated and informed however in the past five years I began a new protocol that has taken my health to another level.

Five years ago, I came across Anthony William as I was introduced to him through a discussion and decided to further research into his teachings. He quickly became one of my top information providers. His multiple books bring no shortage of information.

It was his book, Life Changing Foods that brought my health to an optimum level and I would like to share it with you. Life Changing Foods delves deep into the healing powers of over 50 fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and wild foods. Further explaining each food’s properties, symptoms and conditions it can help relieve or heal, and the emotional benefits it brings.

By incorporating Anthony’s approach using these life-changing super foods, herbs and spices will help us with chronic illness, inflammation, the brain-gut connection, and avoiding the foods, fads, and trends that can harm our well-being.

What makes Life Changing Foods so different? It’s what it’s not. Life Changing Foods is not your regular fruits and vegetables book, or even a regular health book. It’s a symptoms and chronic illness survival guide that will help you protect the health of you and your family in the challenging times we live in. Despite the advancements of modern medicine and technology, we are not getting healthier. There’s more chronic illness, and each generation is worse than the one before. We are at a point where we must know how to protect ourselves and the ones we love.

Explained within the book are the four major factors that have ravaged our bodies, made us question our sanity, and pushed our society to breaking point, how stress and toxic emotions and your purpose are closely tied, how to fight illness with these super foods. These secrets about more than fifty of the most powerfully healing foods on earth and the physical, emotional, and spiritual health benefits, the large majority of which has never been shared before.

We are living in an increasingly toxic world; foods can be used to protect our health as detailed in Anthony’s book. This coupled with my firm belief in the power of cleansing which led me to develop Internal Flush and others has helped me and hundreds of thousands of others. For over twenty-five years it has been my belief to share my knowledge and I will continue to share with you, ways to which to protect your health.