Let's go back...

Can we go back to the time of civilized living. Back when common courtesy was a standard not an exception, back when genuine moral authority really meant something.

Let’s return to when there was a mutual respect and honour amongst all of us. A time when we encouraged each other to have a strong sense of self rather than to attach each other’s esteems. When morals and values were instilled in us and not just others, and we held ourselves to high standards.

A time where our confidence levels and self-esteem were not shaken everyday under the pressures of being liked by everyone who is posting on social media. We have or want every high-tech toy that we can think of and next month there will be something new again that will demand more money. Let me start me start by asking what was wrong with last week’s version?

If broken homes, broken relationships, stress, anxiety, depression and chronic disease have all now become the norm. Why is the world so inundated with social media pictures of the most amazing lives, that are so rich in good times? Does that mean we are rich in spirit from that belief?

Both the internet and retail are teaching us the power of speed, buy now for a quicker but temporary fix to the issue at hand. The quicker the purchase, the faster the realized cash for them. Everyone on the internet is becoming more aggressive to engage those may be a sliver of market share. The capture tactic is to question our self-esteem. Is it fair to sell by pointing out faults? Do we need to point out wrinkles to sell anti-aging products or if we want to get you healthy so you can enjoy life, do we have to make you feel bad about yourself? It seems that is what everyone is feeling.

Advertisers and marketers are teaching us and our children what to buy. Is our buying now in their control? The advertisers, cosmetic/beauty industry, and the celebrity influencers are all teaching us that we should be this way or that way, just anyway but our way. These are all mentioned when clients attend out Beauty Body Home Experience Workshops, they are desperately trying to fill deep internal voids while in search of a rewarding life. We educate that your lifestyle and your healthstyle work hand in hand.


Thirty plus years with my cleanse... Before... Then... and Now...

My goal here at our Beauty Body Home Experience Workshops is to reweave the broken links and make you and us whole again. We keep filling our bodies, our lives and not our souls. We are lonely, sad and depressed. Depression, sadness and anxiety are the new normal. I want to change that. Yes, Beauty Body Home is about a clean living and a healthy lifestyle, but it is so much more than that.

Maybe instead of always searching for new ideas we could re-establish some old ones, like passion over profit and courtesy over currency. I don’t think profit is a dirty word, I just think we need to get back to giving value to the products we sell. I believe it is our responsibility to bring the best to everyone we touch.

I know you will enjoy the Beauty Body Home Experience Workshop, just know that there is no quick fix here but together we change our healthstyle and our lifestyle long term.

"Gina is …. A formulator, developer, innovator, risk taker as well as a strong opinion leader. She will ask you want to change of your life and of your health or do you want to buy the Kardashians another house. She truly gives you an emotional gift, she will challenge you. Knowing if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you and instead of letting age and marketers tell you what is going to happen to your face and body … SHE’LL SHOW YOU DON’T LET AGE CHANGE YOU!!! JUST CHANGE THE WAY YOU AGE!!" Jessica Last