Topped with icing-like swirls and dustings with lavender buds, Soak Bath Co's marbleized soap slices may look like a delectible dessert, but they have more in common with a floral bouquet. Founded in 2018 by Candace Alarie after a bout with eczema, learning that natural ingredients can help ease the condition she recipes made with botanicals, essential oils and phthalate and paraben-free fragrance oils. The colourings in each bar are all derived from nature, whether that's clay, activated charcoal, seed or root powder. Soap Bath Co. never uses any dyes or mica to colour the soap. The Soak Bath Co. line of soap bars, hair bars, and bath salts incorporate flowers for a result that's calming on the skin and beautiful on the bathroom shelf.

"Throughout my soapmaking, I wanted to evoke the emotion you get when you receive a bouquet of flowers"

 Candace Alarie

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