The history of the company began in Châteauneuf-Val-Saint-Donat in the 1920s at the foot of the Lure ...

At that time, it was covered with lavender fields. Josephine, the energetic and strong ancestor of the family, creates a distillery of perfume plants: the Mouranchon Frères society. Nestor, the great uncle, settles like "nose" in the capital ... Little by little, the products based on essential oils are supplemented by lavender in canvas bag, soaps, eau de toilette.


In 1987, Joséphine's little children, Domy and Denis Vogade took over the family business to give birth to LOTHANTIQUE, a name inspired by a work by Pagnol where it is a question of cultivating a plant that grows only in books.


In this company of thirty employees, we respect the know-how, the savoir-vivre and the environment . It is for this reason that the products are formulated with care, for the sake of efficiency, safety, and pleasure. Packaging recyclable materials, hunting waste, respect for nature and animals, we are here in a world where the human has its place and all the better! 

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