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Door Restore


Door Restore is an investment that cares for and maintains your beautiful home.

I was surprised that the doors of my home (which are pictured) were looking lifeless, dull and kind of smeared looking. I decided to play around with some of the ingredients in my Beauty Body Home line. Using an amazing natural recipe, I was able to bring the shine back to not only my doors, but tables, chairs, floors, and other wood/steel elements with my essential oil blend.

Plus, not only does our wood/steel cleaner polish and moisturize wood and steel surfaces, it lasts longer than most polished AND smells incredible! With its ingredients of coconut oil, certified pure therapeutic essential oils of cedarwood, clove and cinnamon. 

If living naturally and avoiding chemicals in your home is important to you, begin with replacing your household cleaners with essential oils... It can be a life-changing decision. 

Now your door can be as beautiful as your home.

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