Made with natural Tampico bristles and an ergonomic wooden handle, this brush makes general cleaning and getting to hard-to-reach areas a snap. Great for bathroom tiles, toilets, and kitchen floors.

Scrub Brush

  • To scrub large surfaces, use with All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate. Mix concentrate with hot water in a bucket, then dip the Scrub Brush into the mixture. For heavily soiled areas, use with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. To clean Pergo floors, use with Scented Vinegar.

    To clean:
    After each use, clean the Scrub Brush with liquid soap under hot water.

  • 1. Scrub away soap scum from bathroom tiles with a combo of All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. 

    2. Scrub away mold and mildew with a mixture of Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. 

    3. For sparkling floors and large surfaces, mix Scented Vinegar with hot water in the Wash Tub Basin. 

    4. Clean bristles using Dish Detergent and hot water.

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