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At Beauty Body Home we stopped taking ourselves so seriously and decided to hire a board of directors that had only one job to do and that was to … “Go out and make someone happy” …. as we felt if we could make just one person happy and you will feel happy too.

Our Pomme pidou executives have a mandate to go out and make people happy with their unique and lovable personalities and to share the love and happiness with others all over the world. That’s why Pomme pidou is your smilemaker!

They make the perfect gift … it’s a magical gift and the true receiving is in the giving.

They are The Most Colourful Pet In The World.

Help Us spread Happiness and Love all over the world 



Meet our Beauty Body Home Pomme pidou boardroom executives

Medium Freddy Pink.jpg
Medium Ducky Green.jpg

Sales & Marketing… The Bosses Son


A chip of the old block, Freddy Jr. is very vocal in the boardroom with his energetic and demanding personality.

His favorite line is: "Let's post it now...”

His favorite feeling is: Ambitious/Overconfidence

We love Freddy Jr. because: He is a light-hearted, tech-savvy extrovert with a ton of energy that challenges authority

We keep him around because: Fun-loving, bright and very optimistic, we enjoy his spontaneity

We know he is tired when: He gets moody and restless

CFO .. He never counts the eggs before they are hatched


We love Ducky because he is always so relaxed & so cool that he helps if there is any anxiety.


His favorite line is: Details, I love details, let’s make a plan

His favorite feeling is: Comfort

We keep him around because: he is so easy-going and he is an introvert, and he is so gentle and sensitive

We love Ducky because: He is so sensitive we like to reassure him a lot… he does not like to be ignored, dismissed or unheard (puts him a bad mood)

We know he is tired when: he gets, wimpy and overly-emotional


Large Freddy Blue.jpg

Chairman of the board… King of World


As you can probably tell from the crown, Freddy rules the boardroom with his upward, light, & buoyant personality.

His favorite line is: “I have an idea and how we can do it”

His favorite feeling is: Happiness

We love Freddy because: He is gregarious extrovert with a bigger than life personality.

We keep him around because: He's a natural leader and knows why it's so important to make people happy

We know he is tired when: He gets flighty, hyperactive


Medium Bella Yellow.jpg

Chief Operating Officer as she believes she is the belle of the ball and must try every beauty product first

Oh boy, look out … we love Bella because well she’s Bella for one but she is very active and very reactive, extremely pushy

Her favorite line is: Action … I love action, let’s get to work and get it done

Her favorite feeling is: Results

We keep her around because: she is determined and has so much energy, but what we love the most is how passionate she is and she encourages all of us to do better and be better and we love her for it

We know she is tired when: well when … she gets tooooo pushy and too reactive.


Medium Darcy White.jpg

Chief Information Officer.. . as an elephant never forgets


We let Darcy handle the money because she is a constant and is very straightforward, she takes everything seriously (perfect money girl)

Her favorite line is: Perfecting … here’s how we can make things better

Her favorite feeling is: Respect

We keep her around because: she is so efficient, analytical and extremely thorough and is a know-it-all perfectionist

We know she is tired when: she broods and crosses her arms and she is not laser focused 


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