Twenty years ago, after experiencing adversity, I founded a nutritional supplement company Integrity Health Group. I began this journey in a fast-paced lifestyle with a great job, I was travelling, I had a great life but I went through a divorce and started to gain weight. My weight gain was the catalyst for this business and I realized that women tend to gain weight due to emotional issues.


I started to look at the weight I had gained and consider the reasons behind it. When I hit 205 pounds, I thought of it as 20 pounds of excess fear, 20 pounds of excess resentment, 10 pounds of excess regret and so on… I needed help but there was little out there in the traditional forms. In fact, the whole Industry needed a serious attitude adjustment. I had bad experiences at weight-loss clinics, the women were young, scripted and slim. You went in looking at someone that was reading off a page to you, I felt disconnected and alienated. The supplement side was not much better. There were too many companies out there with the silver bullet cures promising no effort weight loss. I believed the process had to be more promising and holistic. It made me want to provide a better experience for women.


While at a cleansing spa in Florida, I worked with a team of doctors who took me through a program of cleansing aids, exercise and better food choices. The results… The weight started to come off and stay off. The program was a success. Utilizing this knowledge, I continued with this healthy lifestyle supplementing my diet with individual herbs. My success began to spread, soon I was coaching others in wellness and helping them make healthy choices. This is when I founded Integrity Health Group and created Internal Flush. It quickly became my drive and my dream; I put all my passion behind it. I faced and solved many challenges in both life, and in business that are unique to women.


Internal Flush was a game changer, a disrupter, it changed the way people looked at supplements. I created a product that set-up the body for better health and the benefit of weight loss. It had probiotics before they became mainstream and today the formula still remains the same as it WORKS. I designed the product based on the belief system that says to set the body up for a healthy foundation, you have to cleanse it first to improve your overall health. Weight loss is a benefit to cleansing, but it was really designed to promote better health, prevent disease, and help the body take in more nutrients.

Always an innovator and differentiator I continued developing new products, I created Beat the Bloat, the System line of supplements, Cookie Slim, and more. We launched in multiple countries, were selling in every market segment. We were and remain the Industry leader. We had made it to the National forefront and were being marketed and noticed by all. However, I had hit a fork in the road. The stress of wearing too many hats and constantly performing a juggling act was draining, both emotionally and physically. I was constantly stressed, and I had written far too many journal entries about feeling exhausted from trying to act stronger than I felt. I reached my breaking point when I woke up without passion. That was when I knew everything had to change.


I knew my passion was my purpose. My success grew from the initial hardship and finding my true purpose was and is to help women and encourage them. With this, I created Beauty Body Home. In doing so I developed a new strategy and a core philosophy: your external world is a mirror reflection of your internal world; therefore, what is going on inside you shows up outside you.


There are so many factors that contribute to our health, weight, and beauty. The Essential Full Body Detox by Beauty Body Home is about beauty from the inside out, it’s not just about making you skinnier, although it will assist you in losing weight.

Thank you for taking this journey with me; I am honoured and grateful. It is my sincere intention for my program to truly benefit you. 


Gina Broccolo
Beauty Body Home


I have a dream; it is greater than any of my gifts. It is as large as the world, but it begins with one. Won’t YOU join me? – John Maxwell

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