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Medical Grade Aromatherapy

The Science of Scent

Established in 2010, Aeroscena is the corporate research and development organization behind Ascents®, the leading brand of aromatherapeutic phyto-inhalants.

Aeroscena has developed the first scientifically-recognized platform for essential oils R&D. Ascents-branded clinical aromatherapy formulas are "recommended by doctors, used by hospitals®".

Ascents®-brand products are a pioneer in the science of evidence-based aromatherapy for improving human health and wellness. Aeroscena develops clinically-backed aromatherapeutic formulas to address conditions including insomnia, anxiety, nausea and pain. 

Ascents® clinical aromatherapy formulas are blended by experts then tested and used by many of the world’s leading medical institutions. We work to develop research-based therapeutic scent blends that are simple and safe to use. By applying a rigorous science-based approach to aromatherapy, we assist those experiencing distressing medical symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, lethargy and attention deficits to live their healthiest lives.