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Linen Sprays

Imagine yourself climbing in your freshly made bed and lounging in sweet -smelling comfort as the freshness of your linen circles in the room.

Linen water is a household product that’s fantastic for creating and maintaining fresh-smelling laundered clothes and bed sheets. Traditionally used widely by generations past, it's still today considered by many as a household staple. With gentle fragrances, our natural range uses only essential oils and a pure, natural base.

Use this unique and fragrant water to gently scent your linens and clothing. Simply pour into your steam iron or spray directly on to linens and enjoy the heavenly scent. It's so easy to use, spray a little over a garment and let the subtle fragrances infuse the material. At bedtime, spray your pillow with lavender linen spray. Breathe in the gentle scent and become immediately relaxed. Keep a small bottle in your car. Spray cloth seats or carpet to eliminate odor.

Linen spray is also perfect for gift giving.